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Why was the June 2005 flood levels on Capricornia Canal the highest ever ?
Was this a 1 in 500 year flood or not ?

The present day flood crisis in the Brunswick Valley can be traced back to two key documents dated 1976 and 1982.
Document 1. (1976)
Council records provided by Ombudsman showing Council resolution to accept liability for flooding caused by the company complying with Council's request to close the temporary flood outlet situated north of the site now known as Fern Beach.
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Document 2. (1982)
Letter from the Deputy Premier to Byron Shire Council certifying that the development of residential areas in the north of the shire was approved subject to an ocean outlet being constructed and maintained.
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" The flooding problem of the North Arm is compounded by Ocean Shores Estate. It is of concern to me that the conditions of my Department's concurrence to the Ocean Shores Project have not been enforced by Council. The flood assessment for the development was made on the basis that an ocean outfall would be provided to reduce flood levels in the area, and the first stages of the development were approved subject to the outfall being constructed and maintained.

The temporary outfall which was constructed is and has been for sometime ineffective due to road construction and dune stabilisation across the outfall mouth. Consequently, it is likely that existing residential development and any currently being approved on the lower parts of the estate is flood liable. This is contrary to the principles of sound flood plain management as enunciated in the Government's Flood Prone Lands policy and Council is likely to be in an invidious position in the event of flooding and damage to property. Council would therefore be well advised to undertake immediate remedial measures to alleviate this situation."

Letter received by Byron Shire Council from
Laurie J Ferguson
Deputy Premier & Minister for Public Works & Ports
December 8, 1982

Original letter 1982

The '7 Warnings' Letter 1985 - outlined by Council to the Ocean Shores Developer.
" The position is, as explained by Mr. McDonald, that the development currently existing was originally approved by Council and the Public Works Department on the basis of a floodway design that incorporated a flood overflow as an integral component in controlling the flood levels. Subsequent development has proceeded at levels based on the assumption that the flood overflow would be installed."

" A quick perusal of Council's files has provided the following in support of Council's viewpoint in this matter."
Full letter document from the Shire Clerk Mr C.J. Shevellar 1985.

PRESS RELEASE July 1987 - from the then Minister for Planning and Environment Mr Bob Carr.
'Carr removes wetland status'

The following statement was backed up by a spokeman for Mr Carr who said a recent revision had shown that 33 hectares of the land was non-wetland cypress pine and old marsh pastures.
"It never really was wetlands and shouldn't have been included in the policy in the first place."
Full Newpaper Article from the Sydney Morning Herald July 1987

Press Story Northern Star September 1995 - Proposed Options outlined...
"Dredging of Marshalls Creek, reopening ocean outlets and modifying the Kallaroo Circut bund have been proposed as a solution to flooding in the north of the Byron Shire."
Full Newspaper Article from the Northern Star September 1995

The Flood of June 2005 - Highest levels of flooding and water damage ever experienced by residents on the Marshall's Creek Flood Plain.

What will happen in the future ? Do we sit and wait for the next flood ? Or is it time to re think and re plan ?

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Key documents

Council Minutes 1976
Engineer's Report

DP's letter 1982
Ferguson to Council

Council letter 1985
to OS Developers

Planning Powers 1986
News Article

Summary letter 1986
re Council situation

Cranston Report 1986
Public Version

Cranston Report 1986
Council Version

Council Letter 1990
Bond Bridge

Council Letter 1991
Shire Engineer

Letter to Council 1992
Concern with MCFPC

Adopted Plan 1997
MCFPC Amended Plan

Re-vegetation 1997
Natural Outlet NB

Flood Meetings 2005
Summary OS & SGB

Flood Meetings 2005
Ocean Shores
South Golden Beach




Document and Photo FACTS
compiled by

Jim Mangleson
Foundation Community Representative of the
Marshall's Creek Flood Plain Management Committee

Historical FACTS Researched by
Frank Mills OAM
Former Chairman of OSCA Inc.
Committee Representative for BV Historical Society
Representative on the Abi Group - Member of the Heritage Management Plan


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