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Vision for the Re-build Vanuatu Projects

Our vision for the 'Help Re-build Vanuatu' campaign is to empower the
people to re-build their own communities and create a healthy,
sustainable lifestyle for the families in their care by providing
much-needed resources for the recovery effort.

The recovery effort needs to be undertaken quickly so further health
complications do not arise.
The damage to infrastructure needs to be repaired quickly so
transport services can reach the most needy.
The health issues of the families in the outer lying villages also need
to be assessed and contained.

Getting the out lying areas back to normal island life is paramount
in the recovery process so the country can be seen to be a
tourism destination again.

Our support will start with the main island of Efate working with the villagers.

Our Valued Business Partners:
Good4Gloabal Limited (Newcastle/Sydney)
Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd (Brunswick Heads)
Graham Eadie Development Services (Gold Coast)
IP Independent Productions (Coffs Harbour)

Mullumbimby Removals (Transport)

Thanks to our Vanuatu Connections:
Top Shots (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
Hammond David (Port Vila)
Tahnia Cook (North Efate - Epule River Region)
Paul Simbolo Epule Tops (North Efate Region)
John Maserias (Port Vila)

Our Valued Friends of Vanuatu:
Heart Publications
Allan Russell
Michael & Sandra Scarrabelotti
Matt Smith
Dave Smith
James Lane
Brett Fellows
Dianne Pymble-Ward
Jennifer Dalton-Thorn
Victor Tapatas
Leonie Turner-Mann
Wayne & Liz Dobson
Margaret Hill

Karin Bailey
Doug Ketley
Viv Pyke
Mary Aston
Donna McFadden
Jacob Francisco
Nick Bird - BV Containers
Julie Terry
Matt & Katie Holt

Church Organisations:
St John's Parish, Mullumbimby (Brunswick Valley NSW)
St John's Primary School, Mullumbimby

School Communities:

Earnshaw State College, Banyo (Brisbane Qld)
The Pocket Primary School, Billinudgel NSW




Proposed Re-Development Project 1
Develop a Community Profile Plan for North Efate Region
to include Matarisu, Epule, Takara, Onesua, Paonangisu, Ekipe, Epau Villages.
click here to view location map.

Proposed Re-Development Project 2
Develop 'Round Island' Tours to include North Efate Regional Tourism & Educational Experiences.
click here to view marketing plan.


Please help the people who have welcomed so many Australians to their shores by donating to the “Good 4 Global” Campaign. Be assured your support will be felt in the most needy areas.
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