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Re-build Vanuatu Community-based Programs
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Re-building of North Efate Villages

Develop a Community Profile & a Needs Plan for North Efate Region
to include Matarisu, Epule, Takara, Onesua, Paonangisu, Ekipe, Epau villages.

Stage 1
Re-building projects for North Efate schools...

1. Epau
- Primary School - approx 30 - 50 students
2. Ekipe - Primary School - approx 50 - 80 students
3. Takara - Primary School - approx 20 - 40 students
4. Matarisu - Primary School & kindergarten - approx 30 students
5. Onesua - Technical School - approx 100+ students
6. Paonangisu - Manua Central School - approx 100+ students

Project Needs Category for North Efate Region:
Category A - Village Community Health Items
Family Nutrition & Health Care
1. Health and medical room items (medical supplies & kits)
2. Community meeting place & resource centre for mothers & infants
3. Children's playgroup toys & equipment

Category B - School Education & Training Programs
Life Pathway Program

1. School curriculum text books, reading & writing materials
2. PDHPE programs & equipment, ropes, balls, bats and markers, whistles etc
3. Sporting team uniforms, resources, books, pens etc

Category C - Sport & Fitness Facilities
Sporting Carnivals & Competitions
1. Sporting fields development - mowing and line marking equipment
2. Covered areas (shade cloth & tents) to protect from sun and rain
3. Sport games instruction manuals & equipment for ...
Athletics, Touch Football, AFL, Netball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Soccer, Softball etc

Category D - Community Enterprise Hub
Workshop Shed -
1. Small motor repairs and maintenance
(mowers, whipper snippers, chainsaws, small farming equipment)
2. Woodwork bench, tools & carpentry equipment
3. Shared 'carpentry tool rack' for community use
(hammers, chisels, handsaws, levels, screwdrivers, tape measures etc)
4. Shared 'gardening tools & equipment rack' for community use
(rakes, forks, spades, hoes, wheelbarrows, hoses, shovels etc)

Other essential items needed are:
* Solar Panels
* Bedding (blankets, mattresses, pillows, sheets, towels)
* Kitchen & Bathroom supplies (tiles, sinks, benches, tap ware, cookware, utensils)
* Motorbikes or anything with a working motor or engine & bicycles
* Furniture (draws, table, chairs, lounge, outdoor, all in good condition)


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